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Hi! I'm Alysha Morgan, aka Naughty Alysha! Welcome to my naughty blog! This is my way of giving you guys a glimpse into my personal life, as well as sharing some of my slutty adventures that aren't caught on cam! But be sure to check out my sexcapades on my site,!


Long Night!

Hope everyone had a great day today! I am on my way to dreamland and listening to Tool, but wanted to tell you guys about my night last night, and my day today.

So I told you guys about the young guy that came way too quickly. I told you that Adam was finding a couple more guys for me and he did. I wanted to give you some insight about all 3 ;-)

Toy #1:  The 19 year old that came way too quickly. I honestly think he was a virgin. He really didn’t know how to do anything and it was almost as if he thought he could cover up the fact that he had jizz all over his pubes and in my twat! I told him I would give him a chance to redeem himself but honestly, I think I scared the shiz out of him! He texted me over and over again, apologizing. Poor guy! But as I said, he went down on me AFTER he filled my cunt full of his yummy cum! THIS was such a treat for me!

Toy #2: This guy was 24. He actually saw me tweeting about needing another fan. So he tweeted me, then emailed and was there fucking me within the hour. He walked in and seemed really relaxed. I thought, “Wow, maybe he’s done this before” but then I noticed his eyes and knew exactly why he was relaxed! It was 4:20 for him…hehe. He was really cute with GREAT eyes so I knew I was going to enjoy myself. He also sorta took charge. I normally don’t like this but was feeling cool with it last night. He fucked me REALLY well and left me panting with my pussy quivering from cumming. I almost let him fuck my ass but decided I would give that to someone else ;-). But I did cum a couple times and when he finally came, I came with him. SO hot! He’s local so I might just get in contact with him to possibly be a boy toy ;-)

Toy #3: This one was 27. I was really stoked last night with the fact that all of my fuck partners for the night were younger guys. I MAJORLY get off on younger guys so when this guy walked in, I was very excited to get his cock in my mouth! He seemed a little shy at first but once I started kissing him and playing with his growing cock, I think he forgot that that Adam was there with the cam. He had the best body of the night. A VERY nice, muscular, young, tight body. His cock was really nice and tasted oh so yummy! I wanted him to fuck me, though so I didn’t suck him long. He even whispered to me to slow down a bit because he was going to unload. I did as he asked and I thought it worked but he spunked anyway. His cock wasn’t even that hard! Really different kinda guy, I guess ;-).

So after I fucked all of these young dicks, I allowed Adam to lick my used pussy and then fuck me until he came. I didn’t cum again for the night but I had a great night, either way!

Then comes the next morning. You see I had set up something with a potential boy toy. He sent me some pics and he was SO hot in those. He told me he was 34 and married but needed some excitement. So considering the super hot pics and an exchange of some really great emails, I set up a meeting at a local park. I was still so horny from the night before so I brought a towel, just in case I got lucky ;-). Wellllll, I don’t think it was the same guy. He was sorta nerdy (which isn’t a bad thing), but looked nothing like the guy in the pics. I told him to get in my truck so we could chat.  He was driving a small car so there’d be no room for me to suck or fuck him. And yeah, even though he wasn’t NEARLY as hot as the guy in the pics, I thought, “What the hell, why not give him something to remember me by”. PLUS I was still so fucking HORNY! Oh yeah, and we were parked about 100 feet from the main road. Adam actually drove by…hehe. So anyway, my truck has a HUGE back seat area,  and we got in the back seat. I decided to make the first move so I went in to kiss him. I think this caught him off guard because he sorta whimpered when my tongue went into his mouth. He started grabbing my tits and I went for his zipper. I took his skinny but hard dick in my hand and started caressing him. I think he was about to shoot his load right then and there but he pushed my back and dove into my pussy. He licked me pretty well, so I was enjoying myself but thought, “I really don’t wanna fuck him, so I better start sucking again”. So I went in for the kill. He told me he was going to cum and asked me where he should.I just kept my head going up and down until I tasted his seed on my tongue and in the back of my throat. VICTORY! So after that, I sorta kicked him outta my truck, and went to the office ;-)

I was still so horny (I’ve been like this for WEEKS!) so I decided to go on cams and see if I could make myself cum. I was on longer today than I usually am but only got off a couple times AND they weren’t the knee shaking kinds either :-(  So with that being said, I need another cock!!!! While on cams today, I fucked myself with some big toys, did some fisting, tit fucking, gagging, lots of butt play with speculums, fists, and toys ;-)  I wore a vinyl looking outfit with boots. Lots of guys loved it! Adam wanted to fuck me after I was off for the night but I wouldn’t allow it. He needs to find me a hot younger guy to fuck before he can fuck me again. Oh yeah, these piccies are from today from my show. I even took a pic of my boots ;-)

And with that! I wanted to let you guys know about a Meet & Greet that I’m going to be attending tomorrow! I will be there with a couple of other hotties. Tracy from and Dee from will be there, too! It starts around 8 pm but I’ll be there a little later than that. It ends whenever! I am hoping to run into a few guys that I could blow or fuck in the parking lot or bathroom or something ;-)

Here’s the info:
La Hangout
16411 N Florida Ave, Lutz, FL 33549 

So I hope to see some of you guys there! But I wanted to be sure to let you all know that I am VERY approachable! I THOROUGHLY enjoy meeting and talking to you guys! So PLEASE don’t be afraid to say hi! Oh and I like everything from Pinot Grigio, craft beers, and chilled Patron Silver! HINT HINT!

Night Nights and see ya’s tomorrow!

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